Most everyone has those times when they suddenly look in their closet to find several garments they never wear anymore. Many people bag up the clothes they never wear and drop them off at thrift shops or they give them to someone that can wear them. However, if you are trying to save money in your budget, consider how much you may spend a year on new clothing. Save money on your clothing bills by learning how to turn old clothing into garments and other household items that are new and different.

Sheets And Other Bed Clothing

When your bed sheets become worn out or they have tears in them, you may throw them away. Instead of throwing out old sheets, comforters or bedspreads, using them for making other items is a good idea. Not only do you avoid putting one more thing in a landfill, you also save money on the items you would otherwise have to buy. Some items you can make out of old bed clothing using your sewing machine include the following:

  • Curtains

  • Pillows and pillow covers

  • Pet beds

  • Upholstery covers

  • Sundresses

  • T-tops

  • Shorts and capri pants

Old comforters are great to use for quilt batting. If you have several small pieces of fabric, you can sew them onto an old comforter for making a warm quilt for your bed.

Colorful Old T-Shirts

T-shirt material is great for making swim suits out of, especially those for little kids. All you have to do is provide the padding. The good news is you can pad a swimsuit made out of t-shirts with other t-shirts.

Cotton is also a versatile material that works for making pot holders. If the pot holders you have in your kitchen now are sporting burn spots and have tears around the edges, recovering them with a pretty cotton material is a great idea.

Sweaters And Knit Clothing Like Socks

When your socks and sweaters are unraveling or have holes in them, re-purposing them instead of throwing them out is a good way to save on toys and clothing for your kids and pets. Old sweaters can also be made into warm winter pants for babies or a smaller sweater for your puppy when he goes in cold weather.

You can use socks to make puppets and stuffed toys as well. A stuffed sock also make the perfect cat or puppy toy. Long socks that have holes in the toes or heels can be made into leg warmers.

By recycling and re-purposing your old clothing and other fabric materials in your home, you can save lot of money on your wardrobe while making a smaller environmental footprint. For more information, contact a company like Hi Fashion Sewing Machines.