Even if your husband may not realize it, using lotion should be part of his daily routine. A great type of lotion to get him is going to be a fragrant lotion that is created specifically for men. This article is going to discuss 2 excellent reasons to purchase fragrant lotion for your husband. 

They Can Moisturize While Still Feeling Manly

For some reason, some men equate lotion to a female product. However, this isn't the case at all. Men are still prone to getting dry skin, cracks in their skin, wrinkles, and all of the other things that can come along with not properly moisturizing your skin. One way to get them out of this mindset is to purchase them some fragrant scented lotion that is created just for men. These lotions are going to come in scents that are very manly and smell fresh and clean. These scents are generally going to smell like things such as men's colognes, outdoor scents like pine and wood, and other fresh and clean smells. It is these scents that are going to get your husband to wear the lotion. Since a man's skin needs to be moisturized and cared for just as a woman's skin, this is a great way to make both of you happy. 

The Lotions Come In A Huge Variety 

Men are going to have different lotion needs depending on what type of skin that they have. For example, if their skin is incredibly dry, they are going to need a thick lotion that will stay on their skin and slowly soak deep inside to help provide moisture deep down. If their skin is more normal, then they can just use a regular lotion that moisturizes their skin without making it feel overly sticky or greasy. The lotions are also going to be made to include extra ingredients, such as sun screen, which can be beneficial if your husband spends a lot of his time outside because it can protect them from getting age spots, or even from getting skin cancer. On top of these things, the men's lotions are also going to be made for different parts of your husband's body, such as body lotion, hand lotion, foot lotion, and face lotion. The face lotion is great for men to protect the skin on their face after shaving and the foot lotion can help to prevent cracks and calluses from forming. 

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