If you are tired of looking pale over the winter months, you may be thinking about setting up appointments to go to a tanning salon. However, because of the time commitment of having to lay in the tanning bed and having to make multiple trips, you may be wondering if there is another option. 

If so, you may want to consider visiting a salon that offers airbrushed tanning instead. Along with saving you time from having to visit the salon for several weeks for up to an hour each visit, there are a couple of benefits of getting an airbrushed tan instead of using a tanning booth.

1. You Are Not Exposed to Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays That Can Lead to Skin Cancer

One major benefit of getting an airbrushed tan instead of going to a tanning booth is that you are not exposed to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Tanning beds use these rays at a higher intensity than the sun to change your skin's color by stimulating the production of melanin.

When melanin is produced in this manner, the skin is trying to protect itself because the damage has already been done to the cells, which increases your risk of skin cancer. However, with airbrushed tanning, no UV rays are used nor is the skin affected at a cellular level, making it a safer alternative.

2. You Do Not Have to Have Multiple Sessions to Have a Deep, Natural-Looking Tan

Another benefit of having your tan airbrushed onto your skin instead of using a tanning bed is that you do not have to have multiple sessions to see results. With a tanning bed, you have to visit for several weeks before you can get close to the color you desire for your tan.

However, with airbrushed tanning, you can have a deep tan during the first visit. Since the tanning solution is airbrushed instead of sprayed on, there are no streaks, leaving your skin with a golden, natural-looking finish.

Instead of going to a tanning salon and baking your skin under the intense UV lights, consider having an airbrushed tan instead. You will not subject your skin to cancer-causing rays, and you do not have to wait through multiple sessions to have a deep, natural-looking tan. 

Contact a salon in your area to learn more about airbrush tanning and how it differs from getting a tan in a tanning booth.