You want to leave your waxing clients hair free and worry free. The last thing you want to do is cause them pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, though, mishaps happen, especially when you're working with hot wax. The good news is that you can avoid them if you're cautious and concerned about your clients' skin at all times. Following are some tips that will help you keep your clients' skin in great condition. 

Look for Skin Conditions

Before you wax each client, inspect their skin thoroughly. Look for signs of irritation, burns, rashes or other skin conditions that may make waxing painful or inadvisable. Wounds, such as lacerations, sores and scabs, are other warning signs. Basically, if your client's skin is broken, red or painful, do not place wax on it. 

Keep a Sanitary Station

If you don't follow sanitation procedures at all times, you can spread disease from client to client. Always use a clean applicator for each client. Never double dip an applicator into the wax even if you're using it on the same client. Always clean and sanitize your station between each client. If you keep a tidy and sanitized station, you can eliminate the risk of infecting your clients. Make sure to stock up on wholesale waxing supplies so you never run out and need to re-use anything.

Follow Proper Waxing Procedures

Stylist error can great harm to the skin. For example, if you use wax that is too hot, you can seriously burn your client. Also, if you wax the same area more than once, you can remove multiple layers of skin, resulting in a painful wound, which may permanently scar. For this reason, you should always follow proper waxing procedures. Do not rub the skin before the service. Use wax at the proper temperature. And never place wax on an area that has already been waxed. 

Educate Your Clients

Be sure to educate your clients about how to take care of their skin after a waxing service. Advise them to avoid the sun and tanning bed right after their service. Also tell them what types of moisturizers and lotions are good for their skin immediately following a waxing service. For example, lotions with heavy fragrances may irritate their skin. 

If you take care of your clients' skin and make them look great after each service, they will continue to frequent your salon. All it takes is a little care to make it happen. Inspect their skin, follow proper procedures, sanitize your station and educate your clients to keep them coming back for more.