When you cannot find a chair to rent in someone else's salon, you can create your own freelance beauty business. There are a surprising number of portable parlor items that you can purchase and use as you travel from house to house and client to client. The following are just a few examples of what may be possible for you to accomplish, if you wanted to start a "travel to your home" beauty business.

Shampoo Bowls

Otherwise known as shampoo sinks to your clients, portable shampoo bowls come complete with an attached chair and the means to attach the bowl to the nearest sink. Your at-home clients can all feel like they have gone to the salon without ever leaving home.

Pedicure Tubs

Manicures can be done anywhere there is a table, but pedicures require a pedicure tub. You can invest in a basic pedicure tub, which allows you to soften callouses and nails and wash clients' feet. Also, you can invest in a pedicure tub that also massages your clients' feet and doubles as a hot wax therapy tub.

Salon Style Hair Dryers

Your freelance, salon-on-wheels is not complete unless you have a portable salon-style hair dryer. Virtually all of these hair dryers come with a four-wheeled base, allowing you to move the dryer anywhere you need it to go. They are very lightweight, which also helps for loading and unloading it from your van.

Massage Tables

The popularity of massage has grown so much you can now buy massage tables from your nearest chain pharmacy. All of these tables fold up like a card table. Some of them double as a waxing table so you can provide waxing and/or sugaring as part of your mobile salon services.

Rolling Beauty Carts

No mobile beauty parlor is complete without a rolling beauty cart. You can store all of your beauty sundries, from shears and clippers to UV nail lights in your rolling beauty cart. A cart also helps you pack up your supplies for the day and have everything ready and organized for your booked appointments.

Credit Card Reader and Tablet or Smartphone

Last, but certainly not least, you want to make payment easy for your clients. If you have a tablet or smartphone, then you can get a credit card reader. These handy little devices and their accompanying apps accept all forms of plastic payment, which allows you to get paid immediately after services rendered.

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