Do you like to change your hairstyle as often as you change your clothes? Are you looking for new ways to express yourself with your hair? Why not try a wig! But if you do, try a natural hair wig. If you do want to significantly change your look or like frequent changes, here are some reasons why natural hair wigs are a better choice than synthetic:

Easier to style: Synthetic hair wigs are made out of a type of plastic. Because they are plastic, you would be unable to style it with most traditional hair styling tools like curling irons or flat irons, due to the possibility of melting. The instructions for some synthetic wigs may even specify that they shouldn't be cut with normal scissors. If you've ever tried to style the hair on a doll's head, you know how difficult some synthetic fibers can be. On the other hand, natural hair wigs can be treated just like your own hair. If you purchased a wig with long hair wavy hair and have since changed your mind, you can easily have it cut and straightened by your favorite hairdresser.

More natural looking: Many new synthetic wigs are very close in appearance to natural hair. However, if you want a partial wig that will blend in with the hair that you already have, then a natural wig is for you. Your own hair and the natural hair will blend together more easily than if the wig were synthetic, meaning that other people will have a harder time guessing that it's not all your hair.

Longer lifespan: Because synthetic wigs are made of plastic, they may degrade with relative rapidity when exposed to things like sun or various chemicals. If you live in a hot or humid climate, it may be difficult to properly clean the perspiration from a synthetic wig without causing damage. Natural hair wigs are better able to handle the various situations that you would put your regular hair through. As long as you follow the manufacturer's directions, you can even shampoo and condition a natural hair wig.

If you only plan on wearing a wig a few times a year, such as at Halloween, then a cheap synthetic wig might be the best choice. However, if you want to use a wig every day to enhance your natural looks, then you should definitely consider purchasing wigs that have been made from natural hair. Their positive attributes make them the best choice for all but the most budget-conscious wearer. Either way, wigs are a fun way to change your style in new and different ways. Pop in to the nearest beauty supply shop, like Alaska Dollar Market & Beauty Supply, and start exploring all the new options available to you.