When you first got your engagement ring, you were probably proud of how beautiful it was. You probably still love it today, but there is a good chance that it is beginning to show the signs of wear and tear. Don't assume that your engagement ring will always look tarnished and old, instead, follow these tips for making it look like new again.

Clean it Well

The first step to making your ring look new again is to clean it. In fact, you might be surprised by how much of a difference a good cleaning can make. You can clean it yourself by dissolving a little bit of dishwashing liquid into a bowl full of lukewarm water. Allow your ring to soak in the water for several minutes, then scrub at it gently with a kid's soft-bristled toothbrush. In many cases, this can make your gold ring look like new again.

Soak it in Ammonia

Although you shouldn't clean your gold jewelry this way often, soaking your engagement ring in ammonia can be a good way to give it a nice, deep clean. Simply mix one-part ammonia with six parts water, and allow your ring to soak in the solution for about one minute. Then, carefully rinse it off and blot it dry. This is a good way to get rid of serious dirt and grime.

Have it Reshapened

Over time, it's not abnormal for rings to become slightly misshapen. If this has happened to your ring, you might be tempted to try to adjust it back yourself with pliers or another tool. Be careful about this, however; this could be a good way to actually break your ring. Instead, consider taking your ring to a jewelry repair specialist to have it straightened back out and formed back into a perfect circle.

Replace Missing Stones

If some of the accent stones on your engagement ring have fallen out, they can seriously affect both the look and value of your ring. If possible, consider replacing these stones as soon as possible. If it isn't in your budget, you may be able to talk to your jeweler about suitable replacements; for example, a good-quality cubic zirconia could be used in place of a small accent diamond. Although the value might not be there, the look should be very similar, particularly if the stone is small.

There is no reason to let your engagement ring show the signs of aging. Instead, follow these tips to make your ring look like new again.

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