Getting the perfect look on your eyes with makeup isn't always easy because if you're like most people, you don't have makeup artists at your disposal. But you can get the eye makeup look you desire with a few simple tricks. This guide lists them as well as a couple tools you'll need.

A Hashtag and the Smoky Eye

Use your desired shade of eyeliner and draw a small hashtag on the inner outside corner of your eyelid. Then use the smudging tip on the other end of the liner to blend it all in. You'll instantly have the timeless, sexy smoky eye that you always wished you could do.

Note: If your eyeliner doesn't have a smudge tip, use a clean eye shadow applicator for the blending process.

A Spoon, Mascara and Eyeliner:

Grab a clean teaspoon from your silverware draw and hold it over your eyelid with one hand while you apply mascara with the other. In doing so, you'll prevent mascara from finding its way to your eyelid. You won't have to rub it off, which can create wrinkles over time.  

If you're trying to create a certain look with your eyeliner, such as the cat-eye, use the spoon as your guide. Hold the spoon under your eye and glide the eyeliner against it. You'll have a perfect line.

A Cigarette Lighter and Eyeliner

Hold the end of your eyeliner near the flame of a cigarette lighter for a few minutes. Remove the flame and allow the liner to cool for a few seconds. The result is a gel type eyeliner that gives you a smudge look, instead of the straight-line look that you normally get from your pencil.


Ensure that your cosmetics aren't doing your skin more harm than good by only keeping them for a certain amount of time. For example, only use a tube of mascara for three months and then replace it. Typically, older makeup has the potential to harbor harmful bacteria and can cause an infection, specifically in the eye area.

Look around your home for other unlikely tools to help you create the perfect makeup look. Make sure that whatever you're using is clean and sanitized. Ask a cosmetic or skin care expert like Greater Des Moines Dermatology, P.C. about other tips and tricks to apply makeup while still saving money and time, and most of all, keeping your skin healthy. Share this with others who need a quick fix but might not know how to do it.