Grief is a natural part of losing someone, but grieving is incredibly hard to go through. If you have lost a loved one and are looking for something to do, try these four ideas. They will help you to navigate the waters of grieving:

1. Do Nothing

In a fast-paced, production-centered world, it is almost impossible to do nothing, but while grieving, that could be just what you need. If you feel a little depressed, recognize that that feeling is a normal part of grief and let yourself embrace it.

Rather than getting up early and rushing, let yourself sleep in, walk a bit more slowly through life, and let yourself cry or stare into space as needed. However, if you start to feel suicidal or if the depression makes it impossible to deal with your day to day life, you may want to seek help to make sure you are not crossing the line between grief and true psychological depression.

2. Mark Yourself

More and more people are marking their bodies to honor their grief and the memory of their loved one. After losing a person, you can no longer have a physical connection with them, but you can create a lasting emotional reminder of them through a tattoo.

Some memorial tattoos involve pictures, hand prints, birth dates, or other reminders of the deceased. However, you can get a tattoo with any design that is meaningful to you. According to spokespeople from the National Association for Loss and Grief, this type of memorial is getting more and more common. For more information, contact Emerald City Tattoo & Supply or a similar company.

3. Share

One of the hardest parts of grieving is that it can feel so alone. You can mitigate this by joining a grief support group, talking with your pastor, or speaking with a grief counselor. If there are no support groups or grief professionals near you, get help online or through a video conferencing support group.

4. Hold onto Something

When someone dies, you can never see them again in this life, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up every part of them. Just as a living person may fill your thoughts while they are not in the same room as you, a deceased person can do this as well. Read the books they loved, listen to their favorite music, debate with them in your mind, and gather stories about them. You may not see them again, but it can be soothing to find something you can hold onto.